Stay ahead of the competition with collaboration solutions that increase business agility and accelerate communications with peers, partners, and customers. 

In the dynamic business environment we all work, keeping teams connected and communicating is more important than ever. The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and dispersed, and people are working from different locations, on different devices. A secure, reliable unified communications solution can transform organizations by providing secure, convenient collaboration wherever and whenever employees need it. Keep employees productive and engaged. Save money on travel expenses and network and infrastructure costs.

Stay ahead of the competition with business collaboration solutions that increase business agility and accelerate communications with peers, partners, and customers.

At SMP, we work with industry leaders to provide our customers with the best business collaboration tools and services available.  We design and implement collaboration solutions based on individual customer needs to enable organizations to effectively communicate with colleagues, customers, and partners, no matter where they are, enabling a more productive and efficient organization.

The Benefits of Collaboration Solutions

With SMP expertise and best-in-breed solutions, organizations can collaborate with confidence.

  • Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need when they need it
  • Access and share video on-demand
  • Facilitate improved interactions, dynamically bringing individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams
  • Improve productivity and communication response time
  • Reduce unified communication expenses with cost-effective tools that enable faster interaction
  • Increase flexibility by providing remote and home workers with tools designed to improve productivity
  • Make mobile devices extensions of the corporate network so the mobile workforce can be productive anywhere

say “effective team communication” has become more important over the past two years.


are investing in easier-to-use business collaboration solutions.


report that collaboration with external parties has increased in importance.

Our engineers and architects are experts and Master Collaboration Certified with Cisco. We have been partnering with Cisco for decades, and have helped many organizations in the Northeast US improve and enhance how they communicate and collaborate both internally and externally.

SMP Cisco Partner levels

Professional Certifications

ü  CCIEs: R/S (3), Collab (5) and DC (1)

ü CCNPs (R/S, DC, Sec, Collab, Wireless)

ü  CCDPs



“I want to thank SMP for all of their efforts with assisting us in getting UCS and the Jabber application up and working in our environment. Working with the SMP Collaboration team has been a real pleasure and they are every bit the “rock stars” I thought they were. Due to their diligence and depth of knowledge we are months ahead of where we thought we would be and we look forward to working with SMP in the near future with the installation of Jabber in our production environment.”

~ Manager Voice Engineering, National Bank