Data Center


Is your company looking for a data center management system that can help you run your IT environment more efficiently? Then you’ve probably explored the possibilities of converged infrastructure, an approach that lets you centralize the management of your IT resources to get more out of them. 

Converged infrastructure holds great promise. In fact, many IT departments use it as the foundation for cost-saving cloud computing implementations. But converged infrastructure also presents unique challenges. Unlike traditional Ethernet networks in which the components are highly compatible with one another, the servers, storage, and network technology in a converged infrastructure won’t necessarily work well together right from the start.

Inside SMP’s Data Center Management System
As data centers have transitioned to the converged infrastructure model, IT departments have gradually lost the visibility they once had into problems. It used to be simpler to measure and analyze the performance of a single server. But today, with groups of servers acting as one big computing resource and so many different technology components depending on each other, it can be difficult to determine where the errors are coming from.

SMP’s data center management system is designed to help. Our data center experts can:
•    Analyze your entire data center
•    Map out relationships between applications
•    Perform predictive analysis of capacities and workloads
•    Monitor the health of your existing IT systems
•    Deploy intuitive dashboards that let you easily monitor ongoing performance

We also maintain close relationships with leading server, storage, and network vendors such as Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, and NetApp, ensuring that we can continue to implement their products with an eye for interoperability.

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