governmentAs workforces and budgets shrink at all levels, the expectations on federal, state, and local government IT professionals continue to expand. Today, government is expected to be more agile, more responsive, more efficient. These changing demands cut across all departments and agencies.

We can help.
Virtualization is one possible answer, transforming government IT departments into more nimble, cost-effective, and efficient enterprises. With virtualization, your department or agency can:

  • Increase efficiency. 
    Virtualization can cut the time your department spends on routine information technology maintenance and support so your department can respond more quickly to the needs of constituents, policymakers, and agencies.
  • Lower operating expenses. 
    With virtualization, you can reduce datacenter and capital costs, as well as lower the costs surrounding your end user computing environment.
  • Go green. 
    With virtualization, you can reduce power consumption, as well as cooling and hardware needs, so you can increase efficiencies and lower energy costs.
  • Increase uptime. 
    When it comes to mission-critical systems, your department needs to maximize uptime and reduce the odds of unplanned downtime. Virtualization can achieve this through automatic failovers, storage migration, live migration, high availability, fault tolerance, and distributed resource scheduling.
  • Improve disaster recovery. 
    When a disaster strikes, you need your network back online fast. Server virtualization can reduce restoration time because you won’t have to rebuild your servers, applications, or operating systems. Their backups exist off-site and can be brought back online more quickly.

But is virtualization right for you? Does your information technology infrastructure support your strategic plans for dealing with constituents, policymakers, and agencies? Will it in the future?

SMP can help you find the answers. We’ll assess your current network infrastructure and provide recommendations to reduce costs, increase reliability, and ensure your infrastructure meets current and future needs. We’ll work with you to find the IT network solution that fits your budget and your schedule, enhancing your existing IT network while preserving security and control.

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