Integrate advanced networking and security services with VMware NSX™.

Through tight integration with the VMware NSX platform, leading third-party products can deploy automatically and adapt dynamically to changing conditions in the data center.



Security and Micro-segmentation

NSX brings an SDDC approach to network security. Its network virtualization capabilities enable the three key functions of micro-segmentation: isolation (no communication across unrelated networks); segmentation (controlled communication within a network); and security with advanced services (tight integration with leading third-party security solutions).

Key benefits with micro-segmentation:

  • Network security inside the data center: Fine-grained policies enable firewall controls and advanced security down to the level of the virtual NIC.
  • Automated security for speed and agility in the data center: Security policies are automatically applied when a virtual machine spins up, are moved when a virtual machine is migrated and are removed when a virtual machine is deprovisioned—eliminating the problem of stale firewall rules.
  • Integration with the industry’s leading security products: NSX provides a platform for technology partners to bring their solutions to the SDDC. With NSX security tags, these solutions can adapt to constantly changing conditions in the data center for enhanced security.

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