In today’s competitive marketplace, our agility is determined by how fast we can convert data into viable information. We stay ahead of the competition by accelerating communication inside our organization, as well as externally with our customers and partners. How can we help?

IP Telephony

We provide a secure and robust voice infrastructure as the platform for richer communications and collaboration, reducing costs and offering more productive communication.

Integrated Collaboration and Mobility. We improve business process speed by integrating multiple communication channels and presence within your users working framework. Our solutions will enable you to effectively communicate with your colleagues, customers, and partners no matter where you are.

Visual Communications

Implementing Telepresence and video communications improves interaction and the quality of remote collaboration, eliminating the time and cost of traveling.

New Communications Experiences

Global value chains, mobile workers, social networking, pervasive video, and information overload have become the norm. With Cisco Collaboration, your company can:

  • Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need
  • Access and share video on the desktop, on the road, and on-demand, as easily as making a phone call
  • Facilitate improved interactions, dynamically bringing together individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams
  • Make mobile devices extensions of the corporate network so the mobile workforce can be productive anywhere

Collaborate with Confidence
What are some of the business benefits Cisco Collaboration Architecture delivers?

  • Improved productivity by improving communication response times and “first contact completion”
  • Reduced communication costs by introducing tools that enable cheaper and faster interaction
  • Reduced travel costs for employees that need to communicate across multiple geographies
  • Increase flexibility by providing remote/home workers to be more productive when not working from the office

Peace of Mind

Today, your communications infrastructure no longer just supports your business—it drives your business. If your network is down, business productivity is down and you can damage client confidence. SMP brings decades of experience in Networking and Collaboration, helping make the transition from your legacy communications environment to Converged Communications an excellent experience. This in turn allows you to focus on what’s most important – your customers.

All Shapes and Sizes

SMP has designed, implemented, and managed Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure of all shapes and sizes, ranging from 100 endpoints to 40,000 plus.

Client Diversity. SMP has designed and delivered Collaboration solutions in the SMB, Enterprise, County and State, Education, and Health Care sectors.

Save Money

By virtualizing your Unified Communications environment, you reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while injecting greater scalability and enhanced Disaster Recovery.



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