Professional Services


Streamline operations. Improve throughput. Increase revenue. Maintain client confidentiality. Lower costs and complexity. Protect your business.

Improve throughput with tools and solutions that enable your employees to collaborate anywhere. SMP can configure a custom, complete and affordable solution that is built to meet your unique business needs.

Increase revenue with a modernized IT environment. Improve network connectivity and get services up and running quickly. Benefit from flexibility, scalability, and IT simplicity to support key business initiatives. Engage customers more effectively.

Improve productivity via enhanced network access. SMP can help make network access, virtual desktops, collaboration, and communication available anywhere, anytime, on any device. All while keeping your network secure and easy to manage.

Lower costs and complexity by updating old or outdated networks, data centers, or applications that can weaken efficiency and increase security risks. SMP can make your infrastructure more efficient and cost-effective without placing extra burdens on your IT staff.

Protect your business and strengthen network defenses with proven solutions that can thwart threats, help prevent unauthorized access, manage user authentication, and simplify compliance.