Webex Best Practices

Tips for Great Video Meetings Webex Best Practices  In today’s world we have moved from the conference room to remote meetings. These meeting are held online at our homes but still need to follow the professional look we achieved in our offices. Included in the article are some ideas that will help you have a […]

Creating Dynamic Training Using Technology

We have all been in a class where the instructor drones on and on. (Think “Bueller? Bueller?)  Most classes are delivered with an instructor clicking through a slide deck going on about something that no one is really listening to. It’s not that they are not interested in the subject, in fact they may be very […]

The Importance of Training in Technology

  Technology moves quickly. And so do ways to collaborate and communicate. Ten years ago the iPad didn’t exist, Google maps on a smartphone was brand new, and Casey Neistat hadn’t even uploaded his first video to YouTube. Last year your old desk phone could make calls, put people on hold, transfer a call, and maybe […]