Cisco Calling from Microsoft Teams

Is your company currently using Microsoft Teams for chat and Cisco for calling? Cisco recently announced the ability support calling out of the Microsoft Teams client. Your experience ultimately would be identical to using your current Webex Calling and Jabber clients, but with the convenience of being able to dial right from the Microsoft Teams […]

Cisco IP Phones and CDP Vulnerability

On February 5, 2020, Cisco released a list of products impacted by a CDP vulnerability. As per Cisco: “the vulnerability in the Cisco Discovery Protocol implementation for the Cisco IP Phone could allow an unauthenticated, adjacent attacker to remotely execute code with root privileges or cause a reload of an affected IP phone.” This post […]

Webex Teams FKA Cisco Spark

Spark. There, I said it. For the past four years Cisco Spark has been the elephant in the room. Why now is Cisco coming up with a new platform? What will happen to Jabber and WebEx? Confusion abounded, and the roadmap was kludge. When Cisco Spark was introduced, the idea of teamwork was quickly becoming […]