Webex Best Practices

Tips for Great Video Meetings Webex Best Practices  In today’s world we have moved from the conference room to remote meetings. These meeting are held online at our homes but still need to follow the professional look we achieved in our offices. Included in the article are some ideas that will help you have a […]

Ransomware – Another Pandemic

 Ransomware is Another Pandemic  800% Surge* Since the COVID-19 Pandemic   As we all struggle to navigate through these uncertain times of a global pandemic, we now face a new threat that is impacting a tremendous amount of organizations.  Successful ransomware attacks are at new all-time high and successful attacks are happening daily- reports say […]

Tips for Engaging Every Learner in a Virtual Classroom

For many adults, doing things online is second nature.  We bank, shop, and apply for jobs using the Internet.  Recently though, students in the U.S. (and globally) were required to shift their learning to online.  For teachers and students at all levels of education, the sudden departure from the traditional classroom disrupted learning in every […]

Secure LDAP for Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft released a security advisory (Advisory ADV190023) to increase the security for communication between LDAP clients and AD Domain Controllers.  These security updates to Active Directory connections will affect customers who are currently using non-secure LDAP connections to Active Directory. The non-secure, LDAP traffic (without SSL/TLS) is unsigned and unencrypted and is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle […]

Cisco Calling from Microsoft Teams

Is your company currently using Microsoft Teams for chat and Cisco for calling? Cisco recently announced the ability support calling out of the Microsoft Teams client. Your experience ultimately would be identical to using your current Webex Calling and Jabber clients, but with the convenience of being able to dial right from the Microsoft Teams […]

Corona Focused IT and Business Support

COVID-19 / Corona Virus. The Pandemic. This beast is changing rapidly, with healthcare organizations, education systems, businesses and individuals trying to keep up, keep productive, and keep sane (check out our blog on Mental Well-being during a pandemic). SMP is here to help.  Below are a number of offers / updates and tips & tricks […]

Cisco IP Phones and CDP Vulnerability

On February 5, 2020, Cisco released a list of products impacted by a CDP vulnerability. As per Cisco: “the vulnerability in the Cisco Discovery Protocol implementation for the Cisco IP Phone could allow an unauthenticated, adjacent attacker to remotely execute code with root privileges or cause a reload of an affected IP phone.” This post […]

Digital Workers Can Assist Remote Workers Too

Recently we all experienced something we have never experienced before. As the pandemic grew bigger, we have had to adjust to a ‘new normal’. We are still adjusting. Not exactly sure how long social distancing, mass closures of restaurants and bars, working from home and being teachers to those of us that have children will […]