Cisco Collaboration Flex licensing….What’s New

An update…part deux…what’s new

The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan licensing model has been a success for thousands of customers since its inception a little over two years ago.  If you are still on the sidelines, now is the time to jump in.  

The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan is an OPEX licensing model that lets you change the way you consume Cisco Collaboration licensing.  You can start small with the “Named User” model and as you adopt the solutions delivered, we work with you to modify your subscription for optimal cost and service efficiency. See previous blog on Cisco Collaboration Flex licensing for more detail. 

To make the move to Cisco Flex even better, you can trade in your old Cisco Unified Communications licenses toward the new subscription; and for non-Cisco customers, come on over, there are plans that can give credit for competitive products too.  Additionally, when you combine your Cisco voice needs with web conferencing via Webex Meetings, you can realize even better savings.  This opportunity may not be available ongoing, so if you are interested in taking advantage of it, might be a good idea to “act now”.  SMP can help you determine if you qualify.

Leverage a Flex Plan for your Contact Center

Most recently Cisco has brought the licensing for the industry leading Customer Contact Center to the Flex subscription model.  Now you can have a Customer Contact Center to improve how you handle your customer interactions.  Every organization that has customers, needs to engage with their customers better than their competition and provide a superior experience.  The Cisco Flex license program helps break down the cost barrier to set one up.  No longer do you have to suffer with old call hunt groups, a separate app for social media, a shared mailbox for email and a separate chat session that leave your customers frustrated at repeating information that they shared with you already. Now you can have an integrated Contact Center that ties to your customer databases and allows you to improve the interactions you have with your customers in an integrated conversation across voice, chat, email and social media in one interface.  At last the software licensing model makes it easier to build your contact center and eliminate the issues that frustrate your customers.

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