Cisco Collaboration Technology Video Series

Learn about Cisco Spark, Cisco’s ultimate collaboration tool!

Find out why Cisco Spark is the best choice for your business, and why at SMP we call Spark “The Ultimate Collaboration Tool”

Let our expert Sean Wilson teach you about Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager and how it can work for you!

Learn about the industry’s leading web and video conferencing platform.

Sean Wilson discusses the Cisco Speaker Track, an unparalleled dual-camera system that allows participants in a video meeting to see the active speaker on the other end of a call in full view.

Cisco offers high-definition video and comprehensive voice communications for your entire organization.

Cisco SX10 Quick Set is an affordable, all-in-one unit that combines with any flat panel display to enable videoconferencing. Perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses adding telepresence or to video-enable collaboration spaces throughout an enterprise.

Learn how Cisco WebEx can be easily integrated into your organization and improve your bottom line.