Cisco G2 Gateway: End of Life

The Time Has Come To Bid Farewell To A Workhorse

December 31, 2022 is the last day of hardware support for Cisco 2900/3900 series routers.  As part of the retirement road for the 2900/3900 family, both software and security releases will end this year (December 9, 2020).  These routers moved traffic, defended our networks and were the primary voice gateway for more than 10 million Cisco phones.

2900/3900 Series Routers End of life

The 2900/3900 series routers were first sold back in 2011.  That’s the same year Apple released the 4S iPhone and the Space Shuttle made its last docking with the International Space Station before its retirement.  Like those icons of technology, now too is the time to plan and replace these routers.

A Whole New Line up

Today Cisco has a whole new line up just waiting to pick up the workload from the historic 2900 and 3900 line.  The Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers are built on a high-availability architecture for deployment of key network services.  The simplified management and increased threat protection allow you to do more with less effort and improve your network services, safety and reliability with this innovative system from Cisco Systems.

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