COVID-19, Ransomware & Reopening of the Economy


We tend to see a spike in Ransomware attacks during large scale events such as elections, natural disasters, and political unrest.  This is mainly due to the hackers playing on the fear or interests of their victims.  With the current COVID-19 pandemic this is ringing truer than ever before.

Globally there has been a 148% increase in Ransomware since March. (Carbon Black)  

These are incredible number. However, the truly staggering numbers come
when you focus on a smaller subset such as New York state.

Since the announcement of the Phase 1 re-opening for the Finger Lakes region there has been an astounding 155% increase of local Ransomware infections.

The bad actors are taking advantage of businesses re-opening and using digital communications as way to attack. While there are many potential reasons why individuals are clinking a link or opening an attachment, the bigger picture is the new method in which these individuals are now working.

With so many people being required to work from home, and having so little time to prepare, in many cases the security policies and protocols are not able to keep up.  This has left organizations and their employees vulnerable to these focused and sophisticated attacks.  This pandemic has changed the way we operate as a society in just about every aspect of life – personal and business.  This also applies to an organization’s security practice. IT, technology, and security professionals need to reevaluate how we enable organizations to keep data and users safe.  COVID-19 is taking our home advantage and unless we can pivot and determine the new frontier of Cyber security we will remain at the mercy of the attackers.


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