Creating Dynamic Training Using Technology


We have all been in a class where the instructor drones on and on. (Think “Bueller? Bueller?)  Most classes are delivered with an instructor clicking through a slide deck going on about something that no one is really listening to. It’s not that they are not interested in the subject, in fact they may be very interested in what the class is all about, but the delivery or the time they have to spend in a classroom may be a distraction. We waste time and money on training that doesn’t deliver. Technology gives us the ability to add energy and power to our training classes as well as allow us to deliver content from anywhere.

“In classroom” training is an old way of teaching but the class doesn’t have to feel old and tired. Using updated technology to create dynamic slide decks is a great start but having rooms equipped with Webex Boards (video conferencing system, presentation screen and digital whiteboard all-in-one) adds another level of training both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Imagine training that is fluid and dynamic. A Cisco Webex Board gives us the ability to share our screens directly to the board and present in a unique way that can draw the class into the presentation. It also gives students the opportunity to connect to the board and share their screens. Now we are starting to get a really energized learning experience going. Combine this with the ability to annotate on the screen during the presentation and you have true collaboration happening in the room. But what about the people who could not attend in person? This is where using technology like the Cisco Webex Board, combined with Webex Meeting, and Webex Training Center can take your class to a whole other level.

webex board meeting

Making the classroom more interactive

When you use Webex Boards along with Webex Meetings or Webex Training you have the ability to connect with people from all over the world and have great interactions with them so much so its like they are sitting in the room with you.  Not only can you have individuals in the classroom connect with the Cisco Webex Board, but the remote learners can also interact using the whiteboard feature built into Webex Meetings and Training. Additionally you can add in polling for the class as well as games that everyone can participate in. Remote attendees even have the ability to raise their hands so the instructor can call on them. Image presenting an idea to the class and asking everyone a series of questions to get a gauge of how they understand the concept. You not only get immediate feedback from the classroom but also from the remote attendees. Now you know how everyone is doing and can choose to move on or follow up on the subject. Instead of a quiz, you can choose to play a game that everyone can play online and in person. Another way to understand how the class is doing and make it fun and interactive, thus getting better participation and retention of the material.

Collaboration User Group

Now we have a class that can be delivered worldwide, at one single time, that is interactive and fun for everyone. The instructor has better engagement, which ensures the material is retained better. Webex can record the session for you and you can provide it to anyone who attended or didn’t attend.  How can we be sure that everyone is paying attention? The Cisco Webex system has  real time metrics that can illustrate how the class is doing. It even shows if they are paying attention and if they are not, who specifically you lost so you can help them get back involved in the class. The metrics can give you all kinds of information. You will know who attended, who participated and how much, and you will know who watched the training again from the recording. All of this gives you additional metrics to look at after the content is initially delivered. The recordings can be watched from any computer or even on the go. Leveraging the Webex Training Center enables you to create mobile or M-Learning, so that your team can learn anywhere, anytime.

Training can be engaging even when presenting to people all over the world. Using technology not only enhances the user experience, it can elevate the training and create dynamic programs that can be delivered over and over for months to come. Having interactive polling, quizzes, and games draw participants in and keep them focused. You can ensure they are focused by using built in metrics to see real time.

Technology is the future of training and it will help you train your team faster, with more engagement and save you money.