Digital Workers Can Assist Remote Workers Too

Recently we all experienced something we have never experienced before. As the pandemic grew bigger, we have had to adjust to a ‘new normal’. We are still adjusting. Not exactly sure how long social distancing, mass closures of restaurants and bars, working from home and being teachers to those of us that have children will last. It’s different. For some, working from home is not an adjustment, but for me, it certainly is. I have been home for a week longer than most of my colleagues. I got sick. I called the doctor, they told me it was nothing, just a cold or the flu. I didn’t take any chances, though. Stayed home, kept my distance. Tried to continue my normal.

Robotic Process Automation

Not that long ago I thought I had the coolest job in the world. I still do, it’s just a different prospective. I build robots. Not physical robots, I leave those to the real scientists.


I build digital robots along with my coworkers.

What? What is a digital robot?

Let me explain. We use what’s called Robotic Process Automation or RPA. RPA is software that can be programmed to do basic tasks across various applications. At SMP we have a different name for them here, Digital Workers. Our Digital Workers also get human names like Ava, Reggie, Rosie, Albert or Greg. We create these workers to join our human staff in order to perform any number of tasks (just don’t ask them to empty the garbage). They can create reports, create or update service tickets, assist sales in data entry and many other activities. While they can’t talk (side note, we built our own Digital Assistant as the brains for our Digital Workforce, so in some ways, they could talk), but they can communicate. We have integrated Chat Bot technology with our Digital Workers so our human counterparts can give them commands (written or verbal). Yes, I think it’s still pretty cool.

Today, companies like yours and ours face different challenges. Maybe a Digital Workforce is not on the top of anyone’s mind, but maybe it should be. I’m not suggesting putting people out of jobs, I’m suggesting that we can help people perform their jobs better, to use their brains to come up with new ideas that can assist in overcoming the challenges in this ‘new normal’. We have experience in not just building Digital Workers but also adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) to these workers. We can create Digital Assistants that live on your desktop, ready to help read invoices, approve expense reports, or enter data in a custom application. We are all remote, but we also have technology that can help capture a process and turn that business process into its own Digital Worker in a very short amount of time. We have experience in setting up an RPA Center of Excellence if you’d like to take on your own creation.

At SMP, we put People First, but I’m proud to say our people are backed by Digital Workers.