What is a digital workspace?

In a nutshell it is a VIRTUAL workspace that is available anywhere, from any device. Solid digital workspace solutions deliver on mobility, security, productivity, business transformation, applications and data. 


Virtual workspaces that improve business agility and workforce productivity

As end-users increasingly leverage devices and apps through wireless networks and unpredictable security environments, today’s mobile-cloud era is rapidly rendering the previously dominant client-server model obsolete. Enabling a mobile workforce is good for business, productivity, agility and employee satisfaction…if done right.

The digital workspace represents both the virtual desktops infrastructure (VDI) solutions that IT delivers to users as well as the environment that users leverage to access their critical business resources. Unlike the desktop of the client-server era, VDI solutions are not defined by a single image. They are the aggregation of devices and the applications and services required by users, securely managed and unified by common access and identity.

Employees expect the same ease of use in their work experience as they do in their personal lives.

Two things are paramount for success: Consumer simplicity and enterprise security. 

Well executed digital workspaces support the need for simplified, unified management of all device end points, while providing a more efficient model for delivering and managing enterprise applications to users, across all their devices. It will also support advanced security required to protect sensitive data and intellectual property across your mobile workforce.

Organizations that embrace digital workspace strategies are driving new levels of performance and employee satisfaction while the competition lags behind.

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Secure Digital Workspace solutions include:

  • Unified Endpoint Management
  • Intelligence Across the Workspace
  • Modern Windows Management
  • Simplified Access Management
  • Lower Cost of Delivering Virtual Desktops
    and Apps
  • Unified Platform Access
  • Digital Workers
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