Access and Security

The workforce is mobile.  Organizations need to enable access that drives productivity and business growth while remaining secure.

SMP partners with leading manufacturers to provide our customers with solutions that distribute, configure, track and manage all mobile devices, mobile applications, and content on a single unified platform.  These solutions allow you to centrally manage every device, every app and every use case, both corporate-owned and BYOD.

Peace of mind mobility

Security is always top of mind for IT professionals, business executives, and the end-users alike. Our mobile solutions provide a layered security approach that encompasses the user, endpoint, app, data and network. All security settings and policies can be configured using a single platform for a comprehensive security model.

SMP helps deliver a productive, easy to use and secure mobile experience through a simple digital workspace to meet today’s challenges and user expectations. The solutions we deliver to our customers include:

  • Simplify Access and App Management – Enable secure mobile access anywhere, from any device
  • Unify Endpoint Management – Manage all apps and devices from a single platform regardless of ownership models
  • Virtualize Desktops and Apps – Keep apps, desktops, and all data secure in the data center or cloud

One of our key solutions for mobile and end-point management is VMware’s Airwatch. Learn more about VMware Airwatch.

SMP Service Guarantee

SMP also offers expert Managed Services….with a Guarantee, to help you remain focused on strategic business initiatives, and manage endpoints, securely. 

Learn more. 

VMware premier business partner

Employee Mobile Usage

  • 60% of employees use apps for work-related activity1
  • 71% spend over 2 hours a week accessing company info on mobile devices2
  • The average mobile worker works 240 hours a year longer than non-mobile workers3

1: Digital Strategy Consulting
2: Fierce Mobile IT
3: iPass