Don’t END user computing, ENABLE it.

End user complaints and general experience issues are many times seen as lowest levels of managed it support function. Most organizations when asked “who is responsible for this?” reply “I am not sure” or “it’s another team’s responsibility”. Usually, if it’s an end user issue that is directed to anyone but the infrastructure team (cuz they are really busy!) App slowness issues, contact App Dev…Unhappy user, contact the service desk…down application, Infrastructure team will be there to save the day but it’s not their fault. All others please visit the IT Complaint Department (shown below).

“…our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience. And if it’s not up to par, it’s our fault, plain and simply.” – Steve Jobs

Methods used to support the user experience by IT over the past 15-20 years have deterred many people from wanting to engage IT or left users feeling as though they were a burden. We need to build better first time user experiences and move from a mode of telling people what we want them to do to a mode of letting them experience IT for themselves. In order to evolve, IT needs to interact with the users again as your organizations adapt to the fast pace of change experienced today. In doing this IT can do the following:

  • Avoid delays when embarking on a new direction

  • Enable new capabilities that increase performance and accelerate time to value

  • Better manage the user experience

  • Optimize the efficiency and productivity of their organizations

  • Implement new architectures built to accept change as the new constant

The end user experience is one that must be managed properly regardless of the application or workspace delivery method to realize the maximum benefit for your organization. This is not one person’s or department’s responsibility; whether your accountability is related to the Service Desk, Data Center, Desktop, Application, Service Delivery, etc. , if one area is failing to deliver then it is likely to negatively impact your end user’s experience. Organizations desiring noticeable improvement will need the willingness to make the decisions that enable change which cannot be solved with technology alone.  Our expertise at SMP is assisting our customers as they drive real impactful change and focus on building the next generation managed workspace for their end users. If you have the desire to enable end user computing, SMP can help.