User demand for working anywhere on any device is growing- and organizations everywhere are now challenged with delivering desktop and applications services to any user end-point, whether a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or even a home desktop.

Our powerful portfolio of end-user computing solutions will enable your IT team to shift from reacting to user requests to delivering services that help improve business agility and workforce productivity. Anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device—all delivered with decades of experience and in-depth expertise.

  • End Point Devices
    We enable our customers to deliver the broadest selection of secure, reliable, cost-effective end-point devices, even as technology rapidly changes.
  • End-User Computing Platforms
    Our end-user computing solutions makes it easy for you to extend the power of virtualization from the data center to devices.
  • End-User Computing Management
    We partner with VMware to deliver Windows services at the speed end users expect using unified image management solutions that deliver the efficiency your organization demands.
  • Next-Generation Workspaces
    SMP SMARTworkspaces™ provide a new streamlined approach to protect and manage Windows desktops and applications while delivering the computing experiences that end users have been asking for.
VMware premier business partner