Giving Back During the Pandemic

Community involvement is ingrained in SMP’s organizational core values and is a cornerstone of our Wellness Program. Over the years SMP has supported the mission of countless service organizations and charity events, some of which have grown into long standing relationships.


The COVID-19 pandemic changed how many of us work but it has not changed the values of SMP or the priorities of the Wellness Program. The needs of our community service partners have either remained unchanged or have grown in scope and urgency. For example, a team member at Foodlink, the Rochester area Feeding America Foodbank, shared with me that food insecurity is expected to rise in our 10-county region by 45%. 

Pumpkins at Ronald McDonald House
Pumpkins with Purpose

The pandemic forced the Wellness Program to be nimble and offerings to be designed for a virtual experience. Our community service efforts were no exception. With creativity and persistence, SMP has continued to support many noble causes in our community.  

East Avenue Grocery Run

As 2020 comes to a close, the SMP family will: 


Our team supports these initiatives with inspiring and heartwarming passion. This generous spirit is part of what makes SMP a great place to work.