Technology solutions that increase patient satisfaction and improve doctor efficiency 

SMP solutions are just what the doctor ordered

Its no secret that the healthcare arena is transforming faster than ever. Whether you are a provider, a payer, or a life sciences organization, higher standards in patient care, new government mandates/HIPAA, and the need for greater efficiencies are requiring the industry to adapt and change.

Technology solutions in this arena are changing as well. Today, the goals of security and compliance are table stakes.  Systems for data collection, back-up and recovery remain critical. Ultimately every healthcare organization is striving to leverage IT solutions to increase patient flow, improve patient outcomes, and facilitate complex reimbursement processes.

SMP can help. With the combined resources of our experienced engineers and our leading IT partners, we provide a versatile range of services and solutions, tailored specifically to help healthcare organizations, hospitals, and practitioners succeed in their critical missions. And our strategically designed solutions can protect your investments, now and in the future.

Our healthcare technology solutions can:

  • Help insure compliance with government mandates, including HIPAA regulations
  • Enable clinicians and first responders to consult as needed with colleagues and specialists, regardless of location, through audio and video conferencing
  • Integrate IP phones into medical devices, such as Nurse Call systems and Laboratory Information Systems, for instant notification from patients requesting assistance and notification of lab results
  • Implement Electronic Health Records solutions to meet the Meaningful Use Criteria deadline for continued participation in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs
  • Give your staff secure, 24/7 access to the data they need at the point of care with Mobile Clinical Computing solutions
  • Transform research and development of life-enhancing medicines via cloud computing to make the most of innovation at less cost

Data Center / DR solutions for Healthcare

Have you evaluated what the loss of days or even hours’ worth of data could cost your organization? Your reputation could be damaged, your credibility harmed, not to mention the potential financial ramifications for non-compliance and the cost and time to remediate and recreate systems, data bases, and ultimately customer trust.  SMP can help you design infrastructure solutions that work exactly as needed. And we can assist with the first step in disaster recovery planning – conduct a business impact analysis (BIA) that will help determine  impact to patients and care delivery.


See How SMP Helps Improves Patient Care at 
Gates Vascular Institute.

healthcare Collaboration technology

Improving the Patient Experience and Doctor Efficiency

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Collaboration Technology for Healthcare

IT Services for Healthcare Facilities

Collaboration is where the real opportunity lies. Improved patient and family satisfaction via real-time communication of status and results. The real prize? The brand and business benefits accrued from well-running affiliations and partnerships across an entire network of experts and providers.

These solutions help remote teams operate a tightly knit units. Access to data, to expertise, and to information is seamless and instantaneous. And outcomes and interactions with patients and their families are improved dramatically.

Change is a necessity in healthcare. This change is one you and your teams will welcome, and SMP can deliver.

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