Modernize your IT infrastructure and drive your business forward. 

Digital Transformation

Are your IT initiatives aligned with key business outcomes?  Ensure you are addressing key business needs and value. IT / infrastructure services are critical for delivering:

  • Business Agility and Innovation
  • Exceptional Mobile Experiences
  • Brand protection and Customer Trust

Align your infrastructure with the goals and strategies of your overall organization and its leadership. Support speed, flexibility and rapid outcomes while driving efficiency, reducing hardware and labor costs.

Making the move to a modern IT architecture does not mean you need to gut your current systems; the latest IT architecture solutions allow you to merge existing with new platforms as you move towards a more flexible architecture.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is one way to take IT to the next level. A truly converged and hyper-converged infrastructure can dramatically minimize IT’s vulnerabilities in adapting to changing business and technology needs. With hyper-converged infrastructure you can:

  • Improve performance: contain a sizable amount of Flash and RAM to ensure superior IOPS
  • Set and enforce snapshot and data policy: Snapshots are integrated, ensuring easy recovery
  • Simplify management and enable automation: Designed around simplification and automation, management is a feature not a task
  • Provision a new: The real strength is around automation, adding new nodes is done in minutes

Take a look at HCI and learn about a platform that delivers speed and scale for application and data for modern business. Learn more about hyper converged solutions from Dell EMC and VMware

Business Continuity/Disaster Recover, Security, Mobility and Cloud

Data protection, security, mobility, cloud, and virtualization are also top of mind for IT organizations and their leadership.  SMP works with all the leading IT vendors such as Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE, NetApp, and VMware ensuring that we can offer our customers choice. We can design IT infrastructure solutions that works the best for your unique business challenges, and will support your organization’s business goals.

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Read the Frost & Sullivan White Paper on why it’s important for IT and finance leaders to fully understand one another, to “speak the same language,” so they can come to a determination as to which investments are best for the business. 

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SMP’s Infrastructure experts can help:

  • Improve scalabilty
  • Manage breach risks and data loss
  • Streamline IT infrastructure operations
  • Improve application performance
  • Enable data availability access
  • Improve total cost of ownership
  • Perform predictive analysis workloads
  • Monitor the health of your IT systems
  • Deploy dashboards for monitoring ease