enterprise networking solutions

Are you looking to improve your network performance? Are you considering enterprise networking solutions that give you…

  • Software Defined Network (SDN)?
  • Network scalability and security?
  • A WAN that performs?
  • Network convergence?
  • VOIP integration?
  • 10 Gb Ethernet adoption?
  • Simplified network administration?

And all for a price that stays within your budget?

Our network consulting services can help. We’ll evaluate your existing network infrastructure and provide recommendations to reduce costs, increase reliability, and ensure your infrastructure meets current and future needs. We’ll also work with you to find the enterprise networking solutions that fit your budget and your schedule, enhancing your existing IT network while preserving security and control.

When it comes to enterprise networking solutions, we provide:
Scalability. As your business, agency, or institution grows and changes, so do your network requirements. Our network consulting services and enterprise networking solutions provide you with flexible, scalable solutions that grow with you.

Reliability. Downtime comes with a cost. You can’t afford an unreliable network. When you invest in network consulting and our enterprise networking solutions, you’re ensuring reliable, peak network operation. We have partnerships with leaders in enterprise networking solutions including Cisco, Enterasys, and IBM so we can deliver reliable connectivity.

Security. New security threats are appearing every day. At SMP, we provide focused vulnerability analysis and security maintenance so you can have peace of mind.

Connectivity. Enjoy the speed, security, and flexibility of unified communications on your network. SMP has a history of delighting our clients with our VOIP and data center network solutions.

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