Server and storage consolidation solutions

IT Server and storage consolidation solutions improve efficiency and reduce costs   — so you can do more with less.

Storage Solutions

Feeling like your data is growing at an uncontrollable pace? Want to simplify and optimize your storage infrastructure for greater efficiency, faster recovery, and reduced data storage costs?

SMP’s data storage solutions are designed for maximum flexibility and responsiveness, allowing you to adapt to evolving business requirements while improving your efficiency and productivity.  Modern storage solutions can help you:

  • Improve performance: Newer faster processors, more ad more SSD/Cache, larger networking connections
  • Set and enforce snapshot and data policy: Snapshots protect the data from breach or virus 
  • Simplified management: The newer the Array the simpler the management
  • Increased vendor support: Most vendors offer a better on premise integration

From high-performance all-flash arrays to hybrid flash platforms and unified storage, our enterprise storage solutions helps data-intensive organizations deliver optimal experiences.

Contact SMP now and get started on reducing your infrastructure complexity, costs and security risks while improving scalability, IO performance, storage, as well as integrated backup and protection via single pane of glass views.

Server Solutions

Organizations often fall victim to IT sprawl, dealing with a rigid, complex infrastructure. The result is an inefficient use of assets and inefficient operations that can make it difficult to respond promptly to changing business requirements.

SMP can help you break down your technology silos and bring your IT resources together in a dynamic, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solution. Leveraging best in class network and database server and storage partner solutions, and backed by the SMP Service Guarantee, our solutions align to your business needs and help take you to the next level in simplicity, integration, and automation. Not only will you be able to lower costs and build the foundation for more agile service delivery, you’ll be able to effectively scale resources up and down to meet constantly changing needs.

See how our solutions can help maximize your servers, storage, networking, and management resources to give you the next generation in data centers.


Our Professional and Managed Services have been tested and proven to succeed. We are so sure you will love the results you get from our Services that we stand fully behind our work.

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