virtualization management solutions

When virtualization management solutions help IT departments save money, that’s a good thing. But it’s no longer enough.

It’s true that the “one app per server” model wastes money for IT departments in the form of power, cooling, and maintenance costs. But many companies are now more concerned about how the traditional implementation approaches hamper their flexibility.

That’s why companies like yours often look for virtualization management solutions that can help them:

  • Back up data and systems easily
  • Restore systems rapidly after an outage
  • Protect business users against hardware failures or complete data center outages
  • Provide computing resources on demand, in response to business needs

SMP can help you select and implement these solutions.

VM Services for Companies of All Sizes
SMP delivers virtualization management solutions that can deliver benefits to companies of any size. If you’re a Fortune 500 company, our approach to virtualization can help you achieve immediate cost savings by consolidating physical servers which will then give you greater flexibility and agility over time. If you’re working for a smaller company with 25 to 100 employees, our virtualization strategy can help you ensure that your revenue and customer base will grow much more rapidly than your IT headcount and technology footprint.

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