Harnessing RPA, intelligent analytics, AI for operations and UX management to create a business advantage for our customers.

SMP’s Innovation Group focuses on developing software and “as-a-service” technology solutions, such as Digital Workers, Artificial Intelligence for IT operations and Intelligence-as-a-Service offerings that help drive our customers’ businesses forward.

Leveraging agile processes, SMP’s Innovation Group ensures the business needs of our customers are addressed with leading edge technologies in a timely fashion.

Key focal areas for SMP’s Innovation Group: 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
for IT Operations

Artificial Intelligence for IT

Enable performance and remain maximally informed 

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are technologies that are ideal for supporting primary IT operations and turning data into meaningful insights that will propel business forward.

Applying AIOps to certain domain expertise of IT areas using our Machine Learning (ML) algorithms identifies areas of focus that can be targeted to notify or act on to improve quality, speed, and/or costs to provide IT services for our clients’ organizations. SMP’s AIOps solutions enable faster and more informed decision making.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent Analytics

Extract critical information and take action

Leverage software and as-a-service technology solutions that bring intelligent analytics and data science into your organization.

SMP’s web-based client service portal centers around providing objective data analysis for applications, infrastructure, departmental user experience and demonstrates Return on Investment (ROI) through a data driven operational model. Actionable insights from quality data mined from disparate sources are presented in easy to understand dashboards.

 Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation

Revolutionize your business processes with RPA

Most organizations understand the benefits of employing robotic process automation, but many struggle to define a path forward to a successful ramp-up / sustained roll out of an automation program.

SMP can help identify the most impactful tasks to automate, implement the automation and be there every step of the way to ensure the process works seamlessly within your IT department, enabling people to focus on the higher value work they crave. With its relative (compared to traditional IT solutions) ease of development and user-friendly interface, RPA tilts the balance of required knowledge towards process understanding much more than IT.

User Experience Management

Optimize technology investments 

The experiences your employees have with the technology your organization utilizes greatly affects your overall business performance. We are keenly aware of this correlation and have developed a service that enables organizations to monitor the user experience of specific technologies.

Leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) and RPA (robotic process automation) we enhance and automate tasks that provide data visibility, allowing clients to validate if their users are experiencing issues and when, quickly diagnosing the source for speedy resolution. We provide analysis and monitoring of the end-users computing environment & how users experience those environments.  Insights that help ensure your people take full advantage of the technologies your organization invests in.

SMP’s Innovation Group focuses on ways to help our customers do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and with more insights. We would love to introduce you to our team and discuss how we can help your organization leverage innovative solutions to stay ahead of your competition.

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