Lifecycle Services

Helping customers maximize their technology investments, meet business goals and show quantitative results.

Enabling an effective, efficient deployment of advanced technologies with minimal disruption requires a lifecycle approach.

SMP’s Lifecycle Advisory Services helps customers lead the efforts of change and align IT with the goals of the business to create strategic solutions. It is no longer just enough to simply refresh aging solutions; IT organizations must be in lock-step with the overall business objectives.

SMP’s Lifecycle Services approach provides a coordinated sequence of activities in deploying and operating technologies and optimizing their performance helping customers to:

SMP KeyBenefits
Prepare—Align technology and business goals
Plan—Validate that the network can support the proposed system
Design—Align products and services to requirements in a sound design
Implement—Integrate the system without causing disruption or vulnerability
Operate—Progress smoothly into operations
Optimize—Continually adapt to changing business requirements
SMP KeyBenefits

Adoption Services

Key to successful technology implementation is ADOPTION.  Part of SMP’s Lifecycle Services include a full range of Adoption Services. 

SMP’s Collaboration Adoption Service are tailored to meet your specific needs and cover all the current Cisco Collaboration offerings:

  • Webex Teams
  • Webex Boards
  • Webex Meeting, Event, Support, and Training Centers
  • Unified Communications
  • Contact Center Express
  • Cisco Collaboration Video Room Systems
Lifecycle Advisory

Success Management

With the level of investment that your technology, it is critical to take all steps necessary to ensure that the technology is being utilized to its potential and your organization is achieving the expected benefits. SMP’s Lifecycle Advisors will help you to successfully roll out and manage your new technology so that your employees are benefiting from your new solutions, and the organization is getting the most for their spend.

Learn more about SMP’s Adoption Services for Cisco Collaboration offerings.

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