Maintaining Mental Well-Being in the Face of a Pandemic

Much information has been shared about taking care of oneself physically during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what about emotionally and psychologically? Many of you may be feeling anxious which is understandable! The uncertainty, fear and isolation coupled with constant media coverage produces feelings of anxiety which can affect us all differently. Consider trying some of the tips below to help sustain your mental, social and spiritual well-being during this time.

Reach Out

  • If you have moments of feeling isolated, reach out to a friend or family member; they likely feel the same!
  • This is a great time to reconnect with someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while. A call, text or Facetime are great options. If you keep greeting cards at home, consider taking a few moments to write a handwritten note to let someone know you are thinking of them.
  • If you find yourself missing the social aspect of
    working alongside your colleagues, connect with
    a co-worker via Webex team, Jabber or any instant messaging solution your organization uses.

 Do Good

  • Food banks are experiencing an increased demand and have reduced or eliminated volunteer shifts. Your financial donation can go a long way to help those in your community. Local Food Banks, like Foodlink, are doing all they can to help community members, and always looking for financial donations. Foodlink’s Rochester NY website is:
  • Reach out to elderly or at-risk neighbors as they may be feeling especially isolated. Practice social distancing but do ask if they need assistance or simply say hello.
  • If you practice a faith and are unable to physically attend your place of worship, look for services online, on TV, or directly through your parish website.

 Get Help

  • Many of you may wish to speak with a professional about your feelings of anxiety or depression. If you have a counselor or therapist, call the office to see if they can offer remote sessions.
  • If you are unsure, ask your HR department if your employer offers an Employee Assistance Program. If so, research the mental health offerings. You may have free telephonic counseling at your disposal.