Resilience: A Signifier of Success

Throughout the year, many of us find fortified passion and commitment to establish new goals or reinvigorate those that have gone stale. If you think to past goals, you likely began your journey with focus and honest intentions. Perhaps you did reach your vision of success, but you may have drifted off course or lost momentum. Maybe you achieved only a fraction of the progress that you had envisioned or you abandoned your goals all together. As you forge ahead, take a moment to reflect on those experiences and use them to strengthen your plan.

Regardless of how focused you may be on your goals, there will times when life gets in the way and forces you to redirect your focus. While preventing those disruptions may not be within your control, your response to them is. I find that many individuals spend more time thinking about how they drifted off course than determining how to get back on track. The emotion associated with these setbacks varies from person-to-person, and effect how a person responds to setbacks.  Some give up all together while others dwell on the setback as an indicator of failure.  Individuals often associate fleeting behavior patterns to character traits by saying: I failedI’ve been badI messed upI’m a slacker, etc.  Whether or not you made a homemade meal, met a deadline, passed an exam or went to the gym on a given day is not a measure of your self-worth.

As you start to establish new goals, acknowledge now that you will hit a speed bump.  Few people prepare for the negative events they will encounter, but knowing they will occur will help you to face them when the time comes.  To overcome setbacks you need to own them and quickly take action to get back on track; no dwelling and no self-deprecation. In terms of personal health, resilience becomes a differentiator in long-term success.  It is not the occurrence or frequency of obstacles, but the ability to move past them with a positive attitude and in a timely manner that will determine if you will meet your goals.

Self-improvement of any kind is difficult to achieve, it requires gumption and balance. If you let the first obstacle throw you off course all together, you will never achieve your potential.  Don’t wait to have time to work towards a goal or you will always be waiting. Start acting, even if it is with small steps.  Those first small actions will lead to bigger steps towards reaching your goals. Once you get started be resilient, don’t let anything get in the way of your success.