Network Segmentation

Advanced threat detection and containment built into your network

Data Security

The number of breaches increasing at an unprecedented state has forced security professionals to rethink the methodology around internal protection.  Gone are the days when organizations could focus their attention on the perimeter and operate with a flat network internally.

Over the years there has been many renditions of what and how network segmentation should look like. However, the general concept is the same.

When you segment a computer network, you’re splitting it into smaller network segments. You are essentially separating groups of systems or applications from each other, which stops unauthorized users or processes from moving horizontally within the network. If one segment becomes compromised the threat should be contained within that segment and unable to gain access to other parts of the environment.

  • Zero Trust
  • Micro Segmentation within Software Defined Networks
  • Identity Services/Network Admission Control
  • Virtual Machine Level Firewalling
  • Access Control
  • Improving Monitoring
  • Better Containment
  • Network Visibility

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