Staying home AND staying fit

Physical activity can be a helpful tool in adjusting to your new routine. Aside from being good for your health, exercise promotes mental acuity and emotional balance. Try the strategies below to stay active while at home. 

Home workout

TV offerings & YouTube: If you enjoy the guidance of exercise classes you have a lot of options at your disposal. Search your cable directory, On Demand listings, or streaming service for exercise offerings. You may be able to filter by activity level or workout type. YouTube has countless videos available. Search by the type of exercise you wish to perform and the intensity level such as “Beginner Vinyasa Yoga.” Before you begin, perform a quick web search on the instructor to research his/her credentials.

Be creative with equipment and space: No equipment? No problem! You do not need a home gym for an at home workout. Be creative with household objects. Canned goods, sealed paint cans and bottles of laundry detergent can serve as weights. For a slider style workout you can use a plastic plate or storage container lid on carpet or a folded wash cloth on hardwood or tile. Long hallways are ideal for walking lunges and stairs work well for pushups or bursts of cardio.

Get outside: Fresh air is invigorating and mood elevating! Try to get outside for daily walks, jogs or bike rides. A stroll through your neighborhood is a great option. If you have extra time, go to a county or state park to take advantage of nature trails. As an added bonus, exposure to natural light (even on cloudy days) will help to promote sound sleep.

Your yard is calling: Outdoor activity may be literally just outside your door! Get a jump start on spring yard clean up by raking, clearing shrub beds and edging gardens. Once the soil in your vegetable garden is warm enough to be worked, turn over/till and add items like compost or fertilizer. Depending on your climate zone, you may be able to plant cool season seeds, like arugula and snow peas, within the next few weeks!

Yard Work

Staying home helps to save lives during this unprecedented time; but there’s no reason to stay sedentary. 

Get up and get moving.