Supporting Remote Workers and Remote Working

In a pandemic-world, we’re trying to stay safe, and stay in business. The future is unknown. Business transformation is critical. How do we stay in business while transforming? How do we allow our employees to be connected while not being together physically? It sounds like a lot to ask. With SMP and Cisco’s Webex Calling platform it is possible.

Webex Cloud Calling is a fulling installed, turn-key solution that is designed, delivered, and managed by SMP.

What’s in the bundle? 

  • Cisco Licensing
  • Webex Conferencing
  • RedSky E911
  • PSTN Services (1 DID per user_
  • Team Messaging
  • Cisco Softphone
  • Professional Services
  • End-User Training and Adoption Services
  • Managed Services – Monitoring, Remediation, MACD
Cisco Webex Cloud Calling

Services included

We started with Cisco’s new licensing model which offers aggressive pricing for calling and built SMP professional services and managed services around it. What this results in is a fully managed and turnkey solution that SMP designs, deploys, and manages while you work on your core products and running your business. 

During this process SMP will work with your stakeholders to identify business needs, gaps, and concerns. We then tailor the solution around your needs. Once the design is completed, we will present a timeline to you and will create a training schedule to enable your employees.  Additionally, if you have Cisco’s premise product, we can interoperate with it to make the migration even easier. We can use your existing carrier if desired. 

In our plan we bundle in PSTN calling through a carrier and provide all your users a direct phone number (called a DID) which offers unlimited calling in the USA and Canada. You will also get advanced E911 software from Redsky which allows your business to compliant with the new E911 legislation of Kari’s Law and RAY BAUMs Act. Business messaging is also included.

Peace of mind

With SMP’s bundled Webex Calling offer, be at peace knowing you’re protected with a secure, scalable, stable, and location agnostic platform. Your employees can now work anywhere and remain connected in a socially distant world. You also have flexibility to use an IP phone or a virtual softphone at any location and call to clients or receive clients using your own business phone number; message, file share, and collaborate securely with your internal associates or your customers using Cisco Webex Teams.