Tips for Engaging Every Learner in a Virtual Classroom

For many adults, doing things online is second nature.  We bank, shop, and apply for jobs using the Internet.  Recently though, students in the U.S. (and globally) were required to shift their learning to online.  For teachers and students at all levels of education, the sudden departure from the traditional classroom disrupted learning in every way.  Within days of school closures due to Covid-19, teachers had to adapt their instruction and activities to suit the virtual learning environment.  


One challenge for educators is how to address the different learning styles in a virtual classroom.  Below are some ways to incorporate information and activities that reach all learners in Webex environments. 


Visual / Verbal Learners: Prefer information be presented visually and in written formats: 

  • Use Webex content sharing to display outlines and PowerPoint presentations that highlight key lesson information
  • Make it easy to download articles, textbook chapters, and notes using Webex products
  • Auto-transcription available through Webex, making it easy to capture questions and discussions

Visual / Non-verbal Learners:  Prefer to learn through pictures and image: 

  • Use Webex content sharing to share and optimize video content in session that augments key lesson points
  • Make it easy to download maps, diagrams, charts, and graphs to enhance learner comprehension using Webex products
  • Use Webex whiteboards and interactive annotations to enhance presentations and encourage interaction

Auditory / Verbal Learners: Prefer to learn information aurally: 

  • Use Webex products to record every lesson simply and share easily for students to replay
  • Breakout rooms allow students to discuss, debate, and collaborate in the virtual classroom; use Webex products to prepare and populate breakout rooms
  • For collaborative projects or study groups, use Webex products as a virtual place to meet to complete work or prepare for tests

Tactile / Kinesthetic Learners: Prefer to learn through hands on activity: 

  • Use Webex products to make fieldwork instructions or labs available for hands on practice of virtual classroom content
  • High-quality video feeds in all Webex products allows for easy to see, hear, and remember demonstrations
  • Have students share the results of their fieldwork, lab experiments, or other work by quickly changing presenters in a session, using Webex products

As the school year wraps up and planning for what happens next begins, keep in mind these easy ways to reach the varied learning styles in your virtual classroom.

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