To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question.

Organizations are always looking for ways to innovate, reduce time to market, sell more, produce more efficiently; to be number one in their industry.  

As technology advances, it is very important to be on top of your IT game.  Not only for a matter of security, efficiency, and collaboration for your organization, but also to excel within your specific industry.  IT professionals play a vital role in ensuring that organizations are innovative and competitive, ensuring they have a top-notch infrastructure for automation, governance for the use of network and operating systems, and providing all business units the functionality they need to propel the business forward.

In-house IT staff are busy ensuring that the organization is running at full capacity from a technology standpoint.  They are focused on strategic and innovative initiatives to keep the business successful and secure. Perhaps they don’t have the staff to do the day-to-day monitoring and remediation. Or perhaps the organization doesn’t want to invest in a full IT department.

This is where outsourcing makes sense. 


Reasons for outsourcing

There are many benefits to adding an IT managed services partner to your organization:

  • IT Focus on Core Business:  By utilizing an expert IT services partner to monitor your IT environment, in-house IT employees now have more time to focus on objectives or initiatives that are more in line with goals for your company.  
  • 24/7 Monitoring:  Monitoring of your IT environment is key to minimizing downtime.  Issues can be detected any time, day or night, and can be fixed quickly.  IT experts are even able to perform maintenance to avoid future issues. 
  •  Expanded Expertise:  Technology is always evolving.  With an IT managed services partner, you have access to a wide pool of IT experts.  You will have access to industry knowledge, expertise and next generation software without having to worry about the costs of adding add more specialized employees (salary, benefits, 401K…) or extra training for current employees. 
  • Predictable IT Budget:  IT costs can be unpredictable – by outsourcing managed services you have the predictability of set monthly costs that you can build right into your budget.  Managed services providers not only work to prevent equipment failure, but to also align your technology with the growth and goals of your company.    
  • Security:  It isn’t surprising news, but there are more security threats to you, your business, your customers data, and your reputation than ever before.  Add to that the global shortage of trained/certified IT security experts and it’s a recipe for disaster.  An IT managed services provider will help tailor a plan to prevent risks to your business and manage the data recovery if needed.  

If you think your organization could benefit from outsourcing one or more of your IT functions, such as 24/7/365 management and monitoring of your infrastructure, we invite you to check out SMP’s Managed Services (which comes with a Service Guarantee). SMP has been providing managed services across industries for over 20 years.  Learn more.