Webex Best Practices

Tips for Great Video Meetings

Webex Best Practices 

In today’s world we have moved from the conference room to remote meetings. These meeting are held online at our homes but still need to follow the professional look we achieved in our offices. Included in the article are some ideas that will help you have a great online video meeting that looks professional and will help you and attendees feel engaged.

Tidy meeting space

Neat and tidy

First, make sure your environment is clean and has a clean background. Clean up any household items, leftover dishes, and anything else that distracts from your background.  A great alternative (especially if your space is dual purpose and picking up your kids toys is a losing battle), use a virtual background. 


Lighting is important

Add a light to the background.  This will give you depth and provide more three-dimensional look. Speaking of light, ensuring your face is properly lit is very important. You may face a window, use a desk light or overhead light, or purchase a small video light from Amazon. For the best light for video, a light that you face directly is best. It eliminates shadows and contrast, which although is great for moody movie shots, is not great for video conferencing.


Face lighting for video meetings
Virtual Meeting back lighting

Dress the part

Now that you are well lit and ready for your closeup, make sure you are properly dressed for your meeting. A sweater or button down thrown over less work-appropriate clothing is a great last-minute fix (if you just finished a workout or find a stain on your top, for example).  Remember, they may only see you from the chest up but all it takes is a cup of coffee or water spill in your lap to have you show what you are wearing on the bottom, so you may want to be prepared.


Meeting materials

Prepare yourself and your attendees

Meeting prep is key; send out a meeting invite and attach everything your attendees will need.  An agenda will let everyone know what the meeting is about and make sure they are prepared to discuss the topics. If articles, spreadsheets, or other material will be needed, send those in advance allowing your teammates a chance to review the material.  Before your meeting begins pull up all the materials you will need for the meeting. Launch your presentation on your screen so it will be a quick transition to the content and no one will have to wait for you. Keep your agenda on hand so you stay on topic and move the meeting along. 


Lights, camera, ACTION

When your meeting starts, try to look straight into the camera when speaking. This will show your meeting participants that you are speaking directly to them. Sit up straight with good posture when you are listening to also show your paying attention and engaged.


See these tips in action

Check out this short demonstration video for great virtual meeting tips.

Follow these simple steps for a great virtual meeting experience.