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Yes, we provide IT solutions. Our engineers are the best and they have tremendous competence in virtualization and data center transformation, networking, unified communications, storage, security, and just about anything you need to make a difference in the way you run your business. With additional offices in Albany, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, and Orlando, FL, we partner with the best in the business: Cisco, Dell, EMC, and VMware to name a few.

We take a fresh look at how we deliver IT solutions, and now we are taking a fresh look and producing a blog. Here we’ll get more in-depth with opinions and discuss the latest topics within the IT market today, as well as bringing you commentary from our customer and endurance events, all from our own experts.

Meet our team of experts!

Brian Roets

Brian joined SMP as solutions architect in December of 2012 with over 12 years of technology experience, significant expertise in developing End-User Computing, (EUC) strategies and cutting-edge solutions for large enterprise businesses and public sector organizations using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, (VDI). His current position is EUC Practice Lead.

Sean Wilson

Sean is the Cisco Collaboration Practice Lead responsible for practice management, strategic planning, selling solutions, delivering solutions, coaching/mentoring staff, marketing, and group profitability. He has been with SMP since January of 2012.

Scott Carruthers

Scott Carruthers joined SMP in the fall of 2013 following a decade of focus on Cisco IP telephony and contact center solutions via tenures at several Cisco top tier partners. Scott’s prior tenures encompassed several focus areas including roles as a senior managed services support engineer, lead technical engineer for a managed service IP telephony team, and solutions architect. Scott currently manages our SMARTcentre.

Mike Sheehy

Mike Sheehy joined SMP in August 2013 and is now a Solutions Architect in the Data Center Practice. Mike has over 12 years of data center implementation and management experience, leveraging key technologies from the leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell/HP, Avaya, Microsoft, EMC, and VMware.

Bob Elwertowski

Bob Elwertowski joined SMP in July of 2009 and has been working in the IT industry for over 14 years, holding positions from Helpdesk clerk to IT Manager Architect. Bob currently heads up SMP’s Data Center Practice Technical Services Manager.

Nikki Renyolds

Nikki Reynolds serves as SMP’s Health, Wellness and Fitness Coordinator. She manages our comprehensive Wellness Program which offers group exercise classes, stretching, relaxation, fitness programs, health coaching, lunch and learns, health newsletters and much more. Hey

The Marketing Team

Eric, Patty, and Mercedes, coordinate with vendors to create events for our customers. Marketing strives to bring information on new products and services to customers in a fun environment. With combined knowledge and experience at all levels marketing bring all many diverse aspects to the team.

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