What is Wellness at SMP?

In my role as Wellness Director at SMP, one of the first things I like to ask new employees is “Did you have a wellness program with your past employer?” Corporate wellness programs today take on so many different forms that I enjoy hearing about the wellness experiences our employees have had and then sharing the details of our program at SMP.

But what is wellness at SMP? I often ask myself this very question to guide my program planning and development process. Corporate Wellness is a field that is continually evolving and can be broadly defined. In staying abreast of industry trends, I judiciously ask myself if these trends are right for SMP, taking into account our culture and employee interests. Delivering wellness at SMP is as much about about evolving and expanding our offerings as it is about recognizing and avoiding programs or models that are a poor fit for us, even if they are popular.

What is right for SMP? The goal of the SMP wellness program is to make a healthier lifestyle more attainable. We don’t focus on rewards or penalties, because feeling well and happy is rewarding on its own.

Sometimes our wellness program is about continued learning and self-discovery through a lunch and learn or a health program like the Fake Our Food Challenge. At other times, wellness at SMP is simply about having fun through events like our Snowman Showdown. Wellness at SMP is about continually assessing the pulse of our community and keeping that in focus when designing and delivering programs.