What it’s like to work at a nationally recognized BEST WORKPLACE

As a Gen X’er, I have worked for many, many different organizations (as opposed to my parents who both worked their entire career at one company, lucky/unlucky them). I’ve worked at small, local companies; large, global companies and everything in between.  While I learned something at each organization and with each role, I never truly felt “home” until I came to SMP.

  • Flexible work options? Indeed.
  • Open door policy? Come on in! 
  • Work hard? Certainly, balanced by playing hard!
  • Community involvement? Sign us up!
  • Perks? Many!  *See a few examples below.
  • Fun? Tons!  
  • SMP Team
  • SMP at the East Ave Grocery Run
  • Solutions that Work Presentation Oktoberfest
  • Solutions that Work Presentation Oktoberfest
  • SMP Team
  • SMP Team
  • SMP Team
  • SMP Team
  • SMP Team

Family-owned, SMP is truly a family within itself. Co-workers really (and I mean really) support each other.  We live by the words “Win or lose, we do it together.”  And while we are a team, we are all viewed as individuals, contributing to the greater good: the success of SMP as a profitable organization, our customers’ success, as well as the success of ourselves, our colleagues, and our communities.  We like to say that happy employees do their best work for customers, and successful organizations give back to their communities.   SMP walks the “PEOPLE FIRST” talk (People First is SMP’s tagline, mantra and philosophy).

It’s all about the people

SMP recognizes that each person working here is unique. Some with kids, and kid-related obligations, some without kids, having different obligations. Some folks work better from home, some work best sitting right next to their co-workers (and sometimes their co-worker’s dog). One may enjoy traveling, while another may prefer to stick close to home.  Point is, everyone is unique, and the cumulative uniqueness is what SMP embraces, and harnesses for the good of the organization.

We celebrate each other’s accomplishments with Employee Shout Outs and Full Send Fridays (side note: Full Send was our 2019 internal theme= be bold and controlled and go ALL IN! Give 100% every day and be ready for anything). Oh, and we eat. We eat all the time…there’s always food here, whether management is buying everyone breakfast, or someone made a cake (thank goodness for the Wellness Director – see below), you won’t go hungry here!

We recently revamped our onboarding process for all new employees, and I have the great pleasure of meeting with each new employee within their first few days at SMP.  Many of the recent new hires (and we have had A LOT lately, bit of a hiring boom, you might say) have expressed how truly impressed they are with the culture.  And I quote:

All that said, SMP truly is the BEST PLACE TO WORK!**          And I’m honored to be a part of the team / family!

Dave Pope

Perks, fun and values at SMP

  • Onsite Wellness Director
  • Leads on-site fitness classes
  • Hosts lunch/learns about all thing’s wellness, including financial wellness, managing stress, planting your own veggie garden and so much more
  • Onsite chair massages
  • Full size gymnasium (where said fitness classes take place, also includes a nice inventory of tread mills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines)
  • Flexible work schedule (key here is –get your work done!)
  • Parties galore (holiday, pending baby, football, just cuz it’s Thursday. Lots of parties)
  • Ping pong tournaments (also onsite, we have one in house, and rented a bunch more for a full-scale tourney…these folks are competitive!)
  • Community give-back opportunities
  • Serve breakfast to the folks staying at the Ronald McDonald House; sort food at the Foodbank, help feed needy families 20 Thanksgiving dinners, and the list goes on
  • Empowerment and trust: have an idea, run with it!
  • Really fun, kind and compassionate co-workers
Kevin Foody

** SMP has been named a Rochester Top Workplace, a Best Company to Work for in New York State and Inc Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2019, and a few times before that (total 10x).