What the Heck is an Adoption Services Consultant and Why Should You Care

Your organization has decided to update their technology. New phones, updated conference rooms, and collaboration software to ensure your team can still work from anywhere needed.  With similar upgrades it took your organization a long time to start using the technology and it cost you a lot of money in lost revenue while everyone figured out how to use it.  

Adoption Services Consultants help you plan the implementation, installation, communications, and overall adoption of the hardware and software your organization is installing.

By having an adoption plan and engaging adoption consultants, your organization will get better value and help to assure your investment meets its full potential.


It Begins With A Plan

Working with your marketing team, the Adoption Services Consultant (ASC) will help plan the communication and early training of Champions for each team. Champions are the individual team members that are early adopters and will be the first to see and test the technology. They, in turn, will be the evangelist to get everyone excited about what is coming and help promote it. As this is happening, email communications, signs, and even games are created and sent out to raise awareness of the launch and help everyone be aware and prepare. Eventually this will lead to invitations for training. Not just for supervisors but for everyone.

An ASC will help ensure that everyone is invited and encouraged to attend training on the new technology or software. The more people that participate the easier and more successful the launch will be. Now is the time to ensure everyone knows how to use the products and gets their questions answered. This will prevent lack of adoption later and over-whelming the IT support people with questions. It is important that classes are well attended and people who miss a class should be encouraged to make them up.  Class may be live, Webinars, video training, or modules from a Learning Management System. There will be leave behind and take-aways to support ongoing learning and reference for quick easy questions. Training will be the key to your success, but training will only be successful if you communicate properly and encourage attendance and get your “students” to class.

After the initial training in conducted, the ASC will help craft surveys to gather feedback on the training and the use of the products and services. They will look at Key Performance Indicators to see how the adoption is going and offer suggestions on more training, communications, or both. Then a follow up training will be planned to ensure everyone is headed in the right direction. Finally, the ASC will help create leave-behind documents such as quick guides, how-to’s, and clip videos for ongoing training. The relationship with the ASC is ongoing and follow up and communication will continue even after the project is complete. They may even introduce you to a Customer Success Manager (CSM) or be assigned as your CSM, thus continuing the success you have all worked so hard to achieve.

An Adoption Services Consultant (ASC)
will help you plan the timeline from beginning to end.

An ASC will look at hardware arrival schedules and installations. Then plan when communication should begin and when to introduce Champions to the new technology.
As communications proceed, the training phase will be planned and implemented.  Finally follow up surveys and training. There will also be ongoing training and communication to ensure the technology continues to be used and understood. 

Final Word On ASC

An Adoption Services Consultant is there to help your organization succeed with new technology and software roll-outs. They help with promoting, communicating, and training your projects to ensure greater success. ASC’s ensure the proper training and communication will give you a higher ROI on your new products and services.

For your next project, ask for an Adoption Services Consultant to get better results, higher success, and faster and higher ROI.

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