As the amount, and access levels, of data evolve, ensure your data center is secure.

Securing the data and network

Discover how customers are rethinking cyber security strategies to protect applications and data in shifting attack surfaces.  Evolving threat landscapes and cloud computing are reshaping the way companies do business and cyber security mandates meeting these threats head-on.   To protect applications and prevent data loss – security postures in the data center must adapt.

Securing on premise and cloud data centers requires increased visibility and context.   Align security controls and policies to applications across a ubiquitous software layer in the virtualized architecture.

SMP assists customers in advancement of the secure data center via:

  • Micro Segmentation within Software Defined Networks
  • Virtual Machine Level Firewalling 
  • End User Computing Security
  • Network As A Sensor and Enforcer
  • Identity Services/Network Admission Control
  • Mobile Endpoint Security
  • Enterprise BYOD Security
  • Data Loss Prevention

Infuse your data center with security at its operational DNA.