Are your organization’s endpoints – including physical / virtual workstations, servers, mobile, and BYOD origins – protected against day zero attacks? 


Is your corporate network protected against attacks leveraged while assets are offsite? Do you have protective measures to ensure that compromised endpoints are not allowed re-entrance until remediated?

Phishing and ransomware dominate headlines with portrayals of crippling impact. Incidents are pervasive and include health care entities rendered incapable of providing critical care during infected periods.

Users with mobile and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) are falling victim to attacks at alarming rates.  The endpoint represents the most common entry point of the constantly evolving threat landscape.

How can SMP’s Endpoint Protection Strategies assist?  SMP assists clients in advancement of next generation endpoint protection via:

  • Enterprise Endpoint Security
  • Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions
  • Enterprise BYOD Security
  • End User Computing Security
  • Next Generation Anti-Virus
  • Endpoint Detection and Response