Tech Intelligence Webinar Series


What is Cybersecurity Insurance and Does Your Organization Need It?

January 31  | 11:30am

Join SMP a 30-minute informational webinar to learn about the burgeoning cybersecurity insurance industry, what it covers, what it doesn’t pay for, and what types of organizations would most benefit from having a Cybersecurity Insurance policy.

SMP, along with guest speaker Reggie Dejean, Lawley, Specialty Insurance Director, will cover key topics such as:  

  • The crucial role of insurance in any cyber compliance program
  • Right-sizing your insurance coverage (what insurance does and doesn’t pay for)
  • Why you need a separate cyber rider/policy
  • What organizations would benefit from cybersecurity insurance most 

By leveraging best-in-class security solutions offered by SMP, ideally your organization won’t need to use the insurance; but just like all insurances – it’s smart to have.

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