IT simplicity to support key business initiatives

Need your services to be streamlined AND secure? The right technology solutions can offer that and operational efficiency and savings.

Lawyers, accountants, and other professional services firms provide specialized expertise to help their clients through challenging situations. SMP does the very same for these firms, providing specialized solutions that allow them to streamline operations; increase revenue; maintain client confidentiality; lower costs and complexity. And most importantly, protect their businesses.

Are you interested in increasing client billing, increasing operational efficiency, and securing your intellectual property, all while maintaining impeccable data security and rigorous regulatory compliance?

Then SMP is the right partner for you. With our proven technology partners, our depth of expertise, and our high-level view of the IT ecosystem, we’ll help you get the business results you’re looking for in a manner that ensures you stay in line with government and industry regulations.

Beyond our technical know-how and real-world experience, we bring a commitment to our customers that is rarely found in this industry. At SMP, we are well-versed in the unique needs of small and mid-sized practices. We take the time to understand your goals and objectives, as well as your current IT capabilities and limitations. Then we work to architect and deploy a custom, fully integrated solution designed specifically for your needs (not ours).

  • The end result is a blueprint that transforms your technology investments into a serious competitive advantage.
  • Improve throughput with tools and solutions that enable your employees to collaborate anywhere.
  • Increase revenue with a modernized IT environment. Improve network connectivity and get services up and running quickly. Benefit from flexibility, scalability, and IT simplicity to support key business initiatives.
  • Engage customers more effectively.
  • Improve productivity via enhanced network access.
  • Lower costs and complexity by updating old or outdated networks, data centers, or applications that can weaken efficiency and increase security risks.
  • Protect your business and strengthen network defenses with proven solutions that can thwart threats, help prevent unauthorized access, manage user authentication, and simplify compliance.

Lawyers and accountants face unique challenges when it comes to data security. There are few professions that demand the level of confidentiality, accountability, and trace-ability demanded of these firms. And this level of data security extends way beyond the typical back-up and business continuity strategies required for most businesses.

Government and industry compliance. Email and messaging encryption. Physical and virtual security. These are table stakes for professional services firms. For these organizations, the ability to succeed is tied directly to their ability to manage these incredibly strict requirements with the need for agility, scalability, and fluidity in client communications, instantaneous data access, and new growth initiatives.

Responsiveness is paramount for competitive success. Client satisfaction and talent attraction can hinge on something as simple as clean, convenient BYOD access. And your reputation can be affected by your ability to access a critical email or other piece of data at a moment’s notice.

We understand your challenges, and we can help. We’ll work with your internal teams to make AND keep your IT environments accessible, secure, and streamlined. In short, we’ll focus on your support systems so you can focus on the one thing that really matters – your clients.

Average Firms Manage Their IT.

Smarter Firms Use IT to Win.


Solution Focus: Security

Very few markets demand the level of data security required of CPA’s, legal firms, and other professional organizations. Compliance with both industry mandates and government regulations can be a significant challenge for even the most qualified IT teams. SMP can help your teams protect your firm by strengthening network defenses with proven solutions that can thwart threats, help prevent unauthorized access, manage user authentication, and simplify compliance.